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LQT, Inc. promotional items for you to use around the shop or the office!


This Magnifying Glass features two lenses - a 3x magnification 2" diameter lens and a 6x magnification 0.625" diameter lens. It measures 2 1/2" W x 5/16" D x 5 5/8" H and is made of durable plastic in the U.S.A.


This magnifying glass is suitable for reading small printing on drawings or in specifications, inspecting product, setting monitoring and measuring equipment, reading measuring results or for general purpose magnifying use.


It is small enough to fit in your pocket or work station drawers. Sold in sets of 5.

LQT Touchless Tool Set of 5
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Ergonomic design on this 3.34" x 1.29" tool makes it easy to have no direct touch with contaminated surfaces. Made from solid Zinc-Alloy, along with color matching key ring, it is an elegant and convenient accessory for your outings.
Use it to open doors, open bottles, touch stylus on a screen, press elevator buttons, carry bags, turn on sinks and more! Keep your hands clean in your daily outdoor activities. Sold in sets of 5.