Mechanical Drawing/Blueprint Reading

This course is Exemplar Global Certified 

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Many problems occur in manufacturing environments due to the inability to read mechanical drawings/blueprints. While many drawings are produced using CAD and models, there is still a strong need to be able to read and comprehend 2D drawings/blueprints.

Sometimes employees are told to do the best they can, yet have not been properly trained in how to look at a drawing/blueprint. With the tendency to outsource production, many organizations are not familiar with the “projections” used throughout the world. In some cases product is assembled or manufactured opposite of what it was supposed to be. What the designer wanted on the right side is actually on the left side. This typically occurs because of the lack of understanding of “First Angle” and “Third Angle” drawing projections. This course provides students with the necessary skills to be able to read and interpret both their company and customer drawings.

Participants in this training program will be able to describe the layout of a drawing, interpret the various types of lines, determine when and how to apply the general tolerances specified in the title box and use the drawing to determine component dimensional requirements. In addition, students will be able to look at the body of the drawing and determine which views of the component are shown.

Topics covered include:
  • Definitions and benefits of Blueprints
  • Basic Terminology
  • Title box
  • Revision controls
  • Specifications
  • Fundamental Rules
  • Units of measure
  • General tolerancing and related principles
  • Tolerances and Tolerance expression
  • Views & Sections
  • Datums
  • Basic Dimensions
  • Types of Dimension Lines
  • Chain, baseline and direct dimensioning
  • Inch/metric systems
  • Fractions & decimals
  • Scaling
  • Welding Symbols
  • Surface Texture Symbols