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Litts Quality Technologies, Inc.

We can help your company unite as a team and fly towards a successful future.

Now celebrating 27 years, Litts Quality Technologies has helped many organizations improve their processes and employee competencies. We have also been active in our community, supporting STEM students’ experiments on the International Space Station, as well as charities that promote research in colorectal, breast, and brain cancer. Additionally our company has provided scholarships to STEM students to further their research and travel experiences.

The shareholders extend our sincere thank you to all of our clients, providers and associates who have made our success over the past 27 years possible, and we look forward to working with you in the future.

Our Services

Litts Quality Technologies, Inc. provides quality consulting support in the areas of quality management, quality system development, environmental management system development, medical device management system development, food safety quality systems development, quality system tools and techniques training, and metrology/measuring principles.

When a company has all of these ducks in a row, these services will provide the foundation for the organization, enabling it to follow the direction established by top management. By following processes, working together, encouraging knowledge exchange, and communicating ideas effectively, all members of the flock can fly together harmoniously, in turn leading to the success of that organization. LQT, Inc. helps bring the flock together by providing quality services.

If you are looking for a Quality Consulting business to assist in the implementation of a quality management system, conduct internal or external audits, provide quality techniques training or improve your measurement processes, contact us. We can help your company unite as a team and fly towards a successful future.

  • Exemplar Global Recognized Training Provider