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  • Root Cause Analysis


    Root Cause Analysis

    In many instances problems within an organization recur after corrective actions are implemented. Usually this happens because the problem solving method employed, addresses a “symptom” rather than the deeper issue called the “Root Cause.” This training program will help the participants understand the concept of “Root Cause Analysis” that will lead to continual improvement within the organization.

    At the end of this training session, participants will be able to:

    • Understand a Quality System
    • Define a “Process”
    • Describe “Input” and “Output” of a Process
    • Describe what Affects a Process
    • Describe what takes place within a Process
    • Understand process variation, common and special causes
    • Collect Data and Interpret the Process Data
    • Define and Understand “Root Cause Analysis”
    • Use Problem Solving Skills to Make improvements in Processes
    • Determine which Problem Solving Method to use
    • How to Make Improvements

    Topics covered include:

    • Students Overview of Typical Problems
    • An Introduction to Variation
    • The “Process Model”
    • The Plan, Do, Check, Act Cycle (PDCA Cycle)
    • Organized Problem Solving Method
    • Using Problem Solving Skills
    • Generating and using Checklists and Histograms
    • Utilizing Fishbone Diagrams
    • Arranging data in Pareto Diagrams
    • Developing Process Flowcharts
    • Participating in and conducting Brainstorming sessions
    • Utilizing Force Field Analysis
    • Reviewing and Analyzing Internal or Supplier Corrective Action Reports. Samples are to be provided by the Client